Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sacramento LDS Temple Wedding Photography - Laura & David

Wow, what a weekend! Two weddings at the LDS (Mormon) temple in Sacramento, one on Friday, and then another on Saturday (see below). Laura and David were a joy to work with, and it shows in the photos. They had a beautiful reception in Rocklin, although the wedding slideshow is of the temple only. Click on the title to see the show. Enjoy!

Sacramento LDS Temple Wedding Photography - Brennyn & Austin

Saturday we photographed Brennyn and Austin, also at the Sacramento Temple. Maria Elisa and I attended the sealing, as I've known Lance Newey, her stepfather, for over 20 years. We had only about 30 minutes to photograph the couple, as they needed to leave for their reception, but I think you'll agree we made the most of it. See the wedding slide show by clicking on the title.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bay Area Wedding Photography - Nicole & Stan

Even though it was my birthday, I decided to take on a wedding, and Nicole and Stan didn't disappoint. Nicole was absolutely beautiful, and Stan was a great leading man - truly the Hollywood couple. Olympic Gold medal winner Carl Lewis was one of the guests.
See the wedding slideshow by clicking on the title. Enjoy!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Los Angeles Temple Wedding Photography - Naarah & Brian

Naarah met Maria Elisa in Pisa, Italy, while she was serving a mission there. They have been great friends ever since. We were thrilled to be invited to their wedding, and for the opportunity to photograph it. Naarah designed her own dress, which looked as amazing as she did. The chemistry between her and Brian was palpable, and it shows in their photographs. To see the temple photographs, click on any photo.