Thursday, January 14, 2010

Juanel & Raymond Tahoe Queen Wedding photography

Some weddings are more memorable than others - I'm sure that Juanel and Raymond will remember their wedding forever! Like many weddings, it was full of fun and romance, but this one had a few hitches. My good friend Barton Brown was supposed to photograph this wedding, but his wife ended up in the hospital the day before, so he called me and Maria Elisa and I agreed to photograph the wedding. I actually shot a wedding on the Tahoe Queen over 20 years ago, so I have a bit of experience (OK, I don't feel that old!). There was a ton of fog, so except for some brief moments (which you'll see in the photos), we almost never saw the shore. Finally, to finish off the evening, the Tahoe Queen got stuck on a sandbar for over 2 hours! The staff was very gracious, the D.J. Derek Tarpey kept playing music, so the wait was fun. A tugboat couldn't budge us, so they transferred us to another boat, and we finally got put on shore. All in all, a memorable wedding! To see the slide show, click on the title, the photo, or here.