Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gina & Scott wedding

I was in Las Vegas for a week after shooting this wedding, so Gina and Scott, thanks for being patient. They had a nice ceremony at the Frasinetti winery in Sacramento, and the weather, which had been a bit unstable, cooperated very nicely. Click on the title or photo or here to see the slideshow.

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Brittani said...

Hi Nathan,

My husband was in Scott and Gina's wedding at Frasinetti's. First of all, the pictures I've seen are so great!! During the reception my husband and I were dancing and you snapped a few photos of us... but Scott and Gina don't seem to have any of them. (We were the couple with the little one in the red dress.) I'm wondering if you could contact me and maybe email me them. You can contact me at