Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Got Married!

Just got married Tuesday evening to Maria Elisa in the Sacramento Temple. She is from Italy, and we'll be heading there in a week to stay for a month for our honeymoon. Rose from Rose Photography did the photography (Rose and I have worked together, and she has photographed at the Sacramento temple). Maria Elisa and I are both extremely happy. It's great to be with someone you really love.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Nathan..Thanks so much for doing our wedding the weekend before!! Brett and I absolutley LOVE all the photos on the blog!!

Jessica Sommer

Orange Peanut said...

Congratulations Nathan! You two make a lovely couple!

douglasolsen8682 said...

Nathan and Maria Elisa,

We couldn't be happier for you. We viewed your wedding picture and are thrilled for both of you. We want you to know, Nathan, that we love Maria Elisa. She is a wonderful young woman.

Best wishes from Utah,
Doug and Clara Olsen (x-missionaries from Pisa -

P.S. Have Maria Elisa make you pine nut pesto. It's the greatest!

Anonymous said...

Ciao Maria Elisa and Nathan -

Congratulazioni! We're very happy for you and wish you much joy together.
Timothy and Ana Carina
Montreal, QC (and previously Pisa!) said...

Belated Congrats Nathan! Hadn't seen ya' on FB, but saw the pic of you in your tux on one of your posts. Knew the happy day must have come! Maria Elise is gorgeous! Best wishes to you both always!

Renee : )