Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hawaii Wedding photography

Had a wonderful photo shoot in Hawaii! Click on the Black and White photo, or the title, or HERE to see the slideshow!! Mark and Elaine (see their engagement session here) were great, flying me out to Kona, Hawaii, and putting me up at a great resort for 3 days. We did 2 photography sessions, you'll see me at the end of each session. Also, watch for the old man in the red Speedo near the end of the show. I was trying to keep him out of the photo, but then thought it was hilarious to leave in 3 photos :) Anyway, Enjoy!!


Elaine said...

Nathan is the best!
Thank you for such a great time.
We wish we could take you with us everywhere we go!!!!

Miguel Pola said...

wowser! nice photos!

Renee Marquis Photography said...

Really.... Those water images are just amazing!