Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why I support Tim Cook and Apple's decision to not create a backdoor to their products to break security.

OK, I have to add this to yesterday's post (on Facebook) about my position on Apple's refusal to create a back door to hack their own products. If you haven't read it, Tim Cook's position is here

It's a long story, so I won't go into all the details here, but I personally had an iPhone 4 that we owned get COMPLETELY LOCKED by Apple because we forgot the password. It was a brick, completely useless. For the year prior it worked but we were completely locked out of iCloud. Yes, I was mad, frustrated, and after talking to three Apple supervisors, I told them that this was "the most un-Apple thing I've ever come across". 
But in the end, I also told them "if I've learned one thing from this experience, it is how good Apple's security is!"
And because of this, I went to Apple headquarters in November and purchased Apple's costliest iPhone. I have many passwords and most of my credit cards on this iPhone, as well as my iPad and Apple computers. I know Apple would t dare offer to store this information with millions of clients if they couldn't guarantee the security. 
Have you ever had a credit card replaced because the information that the credit card company has was compromised? 
The U.S. government has already proven that it can't be trusted with our personal data with the NSA mess. Again, I applaud Apple for it's stance. APPLE IS NOT REFUSING TO SHARE INFORMATION IT HAS! They are simply refusing to compromise the privacy of millions of customers. It's not a matter of just one iPhone, because if they do this once, it creates a precedent for hundreds and thousands of requests.

Friday, October 03, 2014

I just got published in Vogue Magazine!!

I'm published in Vogue magazine!! Just downloaded the October 2014 issue of American Vogue on my iPad, and it features the wedding of Alessandra Brawn and Jon Neidich I photographed with Lucy Brown Armstrong. Here are two of the photographs from the article. Look for more photos on my Nathan Smith Photography page.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why most serious photographers should use BOTH Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop, and not just Photoshop.

     First off, I want to say that 

     Photoshop is an amazing program, but it's design has not substantially changed since version 2.5Photoshop is a giant toolbox. It was designed for anyone working with photographs, including graphic designers, web designers, people doing magazine layouts, etc. Layers is perfect for magazine layouts, for example. Lightroom on the other hand was designed by the original inventors of Photoshop specifically for photographers. Lightroom is a workflow tool. It is ALWAYS nondestructive. Photoshop is only nondestructive if you use layers. Think of Lightroom as one giant super layer. Lightroom is faster than Photoshop, because you're working on a copy of the photograph, not the photograph itself. It is possible that if you're an expert at Photoshop that you don't need Lightroom. But even if you are a hard-core Photoshop-only person, you're probably also using Adobe Camera Raw and Bridge. Lightroom can replace Adobe Camera Raw and Bridge, and is much better at organizing your photographs. 

     Lightroom is also much more intuitive. If you want to lighten part of the photograph, you simply grab a brush and brush on where you want to lighten it. And once you have done this, you can move any of the other sliders to adjust contrast, white balance, saturation, etc. Making a mask in Photoshop and painting Black and white to adjust your selection is not intuitive. I watched Photoshop Week on Creative Live. Most of the Photoshop experts had as few as three or four and as many as 40 layers open so that they could go back and nondestructively redo any of the adjustments that they had made. With Lightroom you can go back to any of the adjustments you have made at anytime and tweak them. You can't do this easily in Photoshop unless you have created a layer for each adjustment. One thing I find frustrating with Adobe camera raw and Photoshop is after making my adjustments in Adobe camera raw and then opening the photo in Photoshop, after doing some work and then wanting to change an adjustment I made in Adobe camera raw it's not available. Yes, the newest CC does allow you some adjustments, or you can add an adjustment layer, but with Lightroom Adobe Camera Raw is always available. 

     Lightroom 5 also has an amazing Lens correction function. Yes, this did start in Photoshop, but Photoshop won't let you correct a photo with one click. Lightroom also has built-in tools for teeth whitening, Iris enhancements, and skin smoothing. Yes, you can whiten teeth in Photoshop, but it's much easier to grab a brush and do it in five seconds in Lightroom. With Photoshop, if you haven't made a layer for each and every adjustment, and you make too many corrections, you can't easily go back and correct something you did 30 moves ago. And the export functions in Lightroom are designed for photographers. I have one for Facebook with my logo, one without my logo with larger images for my website, and two or three others for printing photographs. And if you have a legal copy of the latest Photoshop CC, then you have a free copy of Lightroom. Why would you not take advantage of this?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year, new photos

Okay. I admit it. I'm a horrible blogger. Because I've been posting most of my new work on Facebook for the last year, I've kind of neglected my blog.

Anyway, here are some photos that I took at San Galgano yesterday. It's a beautiful church in Italy with no ceiling so… well, see for yourself.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Brand New Website!

Yes, after several weeks of work, I've completely reworked my website. It is now HTML5 based (latest technology), and is faster to navigate. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Photos from Northern Italy

Photos from Northern Italy, mostly from Cinqueterra

Saturday, September 29, 2012

More from Italy

Here are some Italy photos I took last year that are some of my favorites.